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Top Selling VR Headsets & AR Glasses

Discover the latest and greatest VR headsets and AR glasses on the market. Immerse yourself in stunning virtual worlds, experience augmented reality, and explore a wide range of games, entertainment, and productivity applications.

Humane Produces an “AI Pin” Ambient Phone

A comprehensive look at Humane’s new AI Pin ambient phone technology and what it means for the future of mobile devices.

How to use bareMinerals Makeup for Different Skin Types 

A product cheat sheet for choosing the right bareMinerals makeup like foundations, concealers and finishing powders based on your skin type and concerns like dryness, oiliness, sensitivity and aging.


This article compares 5 of the top web servers under $2,500 for self-hosting your website and apps. We look at specs, features, and real customer reviews of servers from Supermicro, TrueNAS, and more.

Top 5 Moderately Priced Tablets for 2024 and Web3: Under $600

Explore our top picks for moderately priced tablets, striking the perfect balance between functionality and cost. Learn how these tablets integrate with Web3 technologies, including NFTs, Crypto, 3D, AI, VR, and AR.

Best Over and Under Washer and Dryers at Amazon for under $2,000

Discover the top over and under washer and dryer combos under $2,000. This guide compares features, pros, cons and prices for the best vertical laundry units for small spaces.

The Evolution of Web3 Shopping: Transforming the Online Experience

In this insightful article, the transformation of online shopping through the lens of Web3 is explored. The narrative begins by highlighting the persisting limitations of traditional online shopping, emphasizing the centralization and lack of true digital ownership. The emergence of Web3, driven by blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse, is presented as a revolutionary force reshaping the landscape. The discussion spans the redefinition of digital ownership, the integration of virtual shopping experiences within metaverse marketplaces, and the decentralization of ecommerce and payments. The article concludes by enumerating the benefits and potential implications of Web3 commerce for both consumers and merchants, while acknowledging the challenges in adoption and the need for education in the evolving intersection of the digital and physical realms.

Web3 Shopping: How It’s Transforming E-commerce

The article explores how Web3, a decentralized web ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, is transforming the e-commerce sector in various ways. The article covers 10 major changes, such as decentralized marketplaces, cryptocurrency payments, NFTs in e-commerce, supply chain management, smart contracts, customer data privacy, decentralized delivery networks, social commerce, AI-powered personalization, and virtual reality shopping. The article also reminds the readers that these changes are enabling new business models that are more efficient, cost-effective, transparent, and secure.

Retailers Are Pouring Billions Into This Wild New Technology – But Are Shoppers Ready?

Web3 and metaverse offer new possibilities for retailers through virtual real estate, NFT loyalty programs, AR shopping, and blockchain-verified ownership of digital goods. But unclear consumer demand casts doubt.

Fall 2023 Fashion: Embrace the Chicest Trends with a Dash of Red and Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Prepare to elevate your fall fashion game! With the air growing crisper and the leaves painting the landscape, it’s time to fully immerse yourself in the captivating realm of autumn style. From electrifying shades of red that demand attention to the unparalleled convenience of Amazon Prime Wardrobe’s “Try Before You Buy” feature, this season’s trends are poised to infuse your wardrobe with an extraordinary new energy.